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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I know, I know I have been out of touch. But how would you know how difficult and busy it is being unemployed and doing NOTHING! (yes partying, but then that’s a different story…)
The update so far is that I quit my company had a month long holiday in India which was a bit plagued by malaria but still it was an orgy of good food. Absolute gluttony!
Now as you can see I am back, about to start college in a few days. So am basically focusing myself about one tough year and a year closer to a few more dreams to come true. (must admit focussing does involve some alcohol for me, but then the vision is a bit blurred…)
What else ? umm… still getting in terms with the fact that I am not earning and taming myself not to waste money. It is hard I must say!
Some more random musings are that I am thinking of starting a new blog one about my one year of an MBA, but still am not sure. Will keep you updated.

(after thought) I still at times wonder how does one write a blog ? is it suppose to be in 3rd person ? or 2nd person ? or some information you are passing to others ? or “Dear Diary” ?


Friday, June 03, 2005

town hall

Today at my visit to the town hall to get a couple of documents legalized i noticed that..

there were 12 counters that are suppose to work from 08h30 to 11h30 monday to Friday. (today is Friday)
in the 2 hours i was there at the town hall i also observed.
that on an average there were only 3 counters that were working at anytime.
3 counters had a "printer problem", (not the same ones during that time!)
at the busiest time i saw 5 counters working for 6 mins.
at the leanest time i saw 1 counter running out of 12. (for 8 minutes)
2 counters never even opened for service in the 2 hours!
number of people attended per 15 minutes is 2.

i showed these details to the town hall customer care officer, he was amazed. he took the sheet from me but said that this was pretty normal day!

how easy or difficult are public service counters in your place ?

Monday, May 30, 2005

interesting and scary stuff happened this weekend.

i almost drowned in a lake! yes! i was strolling in the lake and encountered a sudden deep trench! i panicked and drowned. was coming on the surface and drowning again (as i had already had water in my mouth and nose etc) couldn't breathe or anything!!
couldn't call for help, somehow managed to later on. till that time others were thinking i was messing around (!!). i was even told off for splashing water!
anyways i am fine now, still unbelievable near death scare! still after two days keep thinking about it.
i can swim and everything, but i panicked. anyways, something, at least i, will remember for a long time!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

*peeps in*

sorry guys!
have been really busy. .
a few things have happend and kept be busy like me resigning, yes i finally did, no words spoken. no complains about anyone, just a graceful exit, if you may call it that way. boss is still getting to terms with the fact that i am going to leave, not good as i need to leave soon and needs to find a replacement!
Well.. i have got a certificate of good character from the government! can you believe that ?

What else, have booked for a new laptop!
rest all is just hectic! applying for visas etc is too bloody draining! so many documents to be signed and certified, every night i dream of documents.

yes i know, that is what my blog is called!

Monday, May 02, 2005

its proven!

i come with a public health warning these days .. just as i got over with cold, now i am down with upset stomach!
i need to break the jinx, dunno how but have to.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


normally common cold disappers in 3 days, but it will take 5 days for me. It is agonizing.. gahh!!
my revenge is that i am going to infect loads more people than i would have done if it went away in 3 days.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Prom with a difference

If you are in US, and are going to graduate, you might be required to supply a lot more info for the prom night, like your date's name, address, age, grades, Telephone numbers, sexual preference*.

Also beware, you might be faced with surprise "soberity tests".
So i wouldnt be surprised that you actually give up on the prom night to have a wild night in some hotel room with your friends..

Someone explain me, how forcing teenagers to do something would work ?? or how can autorities think it would ?

*i made that up

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